Mountain Meadow Honey

We started our journey into beekeeping over 20 years ago as Mountain Meadow Honey. That is the name we built our reputation on, for amazing local honey. Over the last couple years we have been slowly making the transition to a new company name and brand that reflects our Tsimshian culture and Indigenous worldview. 

It has been, at times, a slow process, but an informative and healing one to be part of the movement to decolonize business and be proud of who we are.

We spent some time over the summer with the Shopify Indigenous team and they took us through how to move to an ecommerce platform, pricing our unique product correctly and how to reflect our culture in our company. Our learning journey with Shopify will be used to help other Indigenous businesses making the switch online. It was really fun and we learned so much.



This is where Haas Honey was born. While we still transition over to the new name some of our labels will still be Mountain Meadow Honey, but rest assured the same love and attention went into each jar and it's still the same great fireweed honey we all love. 




T’oyaxsut nüün (thank you) to all of our regular customers over the years, you all helped us get to this new and exciting stage of our little apiary. We hope you continue with us for next 20 years as Haas Honey ❤️