Proudly Tsimshian Owned

We are a small Tsimshian owned and operated apiary. We produce haas (fireweed) honey in the Pacific northwest. Our honey is harvested exclusively from fireweed within our Tsimshian traditional territory in the Skeena and Kalum Valleys.

Haas Honey is never heated, filtered or pasteurized, this process allows trace pollen, vitamins and active enzymes to remain present. The area where the nectar is gathered, is pristine isolated mountain locations at elevations between 1,500 and 4,000 feet. Free from any pollution and pesticides makes this a truly unique honey.

Considered by bee keepers as "the Champagne of Honey" fireweed honey is known for it's pale colour and delicate smooth flavour. However, it can range in colour from almost water like clear to a dark purple hue. We notice darker coloured honey most often appears in the last half of the season from fireweed blossoms located on high mountain altitudes.

We hope you enjoy our honey!

Haas Honey

Haas is the Sm’algya̱x word for fireweed (pronounced Ha-aws). Sm’algya̱x is the language spoken by the Tsimshian people who have lived for thousands of years on what is now called the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Our Sm’algya̱x language is the foundation of who we are as Tsimshian people.

Sometimes we get curious visitors ... 🐻

  • Pictures of a big field of fireweed with snowy mountain peaks in the background, taken in northern British columbia.

    Northern Mountain Honey

    From June to September we bring our bees to isolated mountain locations to elevations of 1,500-4,000 feet, where they gather nectar from the beautiful haas (fireweed) flower.

  • collage of 5 pictures, the top pictures are a dark haired toddler dipping their finger in honey to taste. Fireweed in a field. Bee crawling on a wax frame. Close up of a Honeybee on a fireweed flower.

    Quality assurance

    We employ the very best quality assurance team with unsurpassed finger dipping skills and technique in the honey business.

  • A frame of honey bees being lifted out of a bee hive.

    Arataki Bees

    We source our Bees from Arataki Honey in New Zealand. Not only are the bees acclimatized to a similar environment, they are also committed to the same mandate of bee preservation and sustainable beekeeping we are.